How much does 2% mean to you?

Because to us, it means a lot! It means we can give hope to our brothers and sisters!
We keep asking ourselves what happens with the taxes we pay to the state. Although we all pay them, we rarely find the answer to this question. So, when we happen to see an old man or a child without shelter we would like to be able to directly help them.
SO.SI.SE.SA. offers this chance to each citizen who pays his taxes: you now have the possibility to donate 2% of the taxes you owe to the state to a non-governmental organisation, without any additional expenses, only filling in a special form called the 230 Form.
We have a new programme and we need your support to make it work. We need your support for every programme we develop so we can offer the orphans a better future. The more 2% donations we will get, the faster we will help those people who really need our care.
It’s very easy! If you fill in the 230 Form as an individual or if you persuade your employees to do so, you help us raise the sums we need to go forward with our projects. Children will thank you for your minimum financial effort, since they will grow up in a safe and careful place.

1.Fill in the 230 Form only if you got a salary in 2017 and redirect 2% from your income text;  
2. Send the form to the Financial Administration that you belong to until May 25, 2018. You can either hand it on directly or send it by post with a registered letter.


1.This amount is NOT a donation or a sponsorship and it tax free. In case you don’t redirect this money, they go to the state and you will get NO justification for what is done with them.
2. The addresses of the Financial Administrations can be checked on the ANAF website (Bucharest or the other counties).
3. If you wish to sustain our social-humanitarian cases, you can gather the forms your mates, friends or family and let us know. A “SO.SI.SE.SA.” volunteer shall come to your working place to pick them up and we will eventually send them to ANAF.
4. The individual amounts are not large ones, but they mean a lot for our activities when gathered. 

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