If you care, then things will get better. We need you so that all children have a better future.

How much 2% does it mean for you?
Every year, you can choose to convert 2% of your income tax into 100% contribution for our actions. You can do it starting from May 25, 2019, if in 2018 you had salary incomes.

Support any program of SO.SI.SE.SA Foundation which reaches your interest. B.C.R.SUCURSALA GRIVIȚA SECTOR 1 BUCUREŞTI LEI.        Cod IBAN. RO17 RNCB   0086 0047 7347 0001 U.S.D.    Cod IBAN. RO60 RNCB   0086 0047 7347 0003 EURO.   Cod IBAN. RO87 RNCB    0086 0047 7347 0002
Fii Voluntar!
Oferă din timpul, cunoștințele și entuziasmul tău pentru a ajuta un copil.
Hai în echipa noastră de voluntari!

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