We are not invisible!

The events will take place annually, between May 31 – June 1,
The events consists in sports competitions, demonstrative soccer games, dancing, flashmobs, theater parts, surprises and various prizes for the participants.

The events reunite in a full experience 200 children and their passion for sports, art and people, respect and desire to manifest joy.
This kind of events come as an anniversary of the Child International Day, day when each child should feel special, receive presents, and have fun together. During this day , each of us reminds himself about the beautiful moments from childhood , re-living it through each child’s eyes.
The Child Day is a celebration that makes us enjoy every moment and day from our lives , as the little ones do. We will celebrate with them , our nephews, brothers or neighbors and we ll let ourselves inspired by the joy of the simple things.
The program will get together sportive demonstrations and theatre plays , flash mob with dancing, and active implying of the public, who will also be invited to dance.

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