Humanitarian Cultural Foundation SO.SI.SE.SA. wishes to reach the truly potential through all his volunteers and to respect  the four words underlying the founding of the foundation: SOCIABILITY, SIMPATHY, SERVING, SALVATION.


The mission of the Foundation is to support and promote performance in charitable, social and cultural services. We aim to make a change of the mentality and perception of those around us on all the actions that the Foundation undertakes through various projects, campaigns and social services.


Through our work we aim to contribute to the integration into the community of social groups facing different problems:

Poverty becoming a lifestyle,

Personal exclusion and social marginalization of people with physical and mental disabilities or special social conditions,

Resignation to unequal opportunities and improper living conditions,

Abandonment of children from placement centers who have reached the age of majority and forced to start a life on their own.

Preventing school dropout through the annual Campaign  “I Want to Go to School!”

Lack of social, civic and cultural education for people with limited access to information sources.

During the years of its activity, “SO.SI.SE.SA.” has been involved both nationally and internationally in humanitarian, social and cultural projects with the support of over 350 volunteers enrolled in the Foundation’s database.