General presentation of  SO.SI.SE.SA FOUNDATION

The Humanitarian Cultural Foundation “Sociability, Sympathy, Serving, Salvation”, shortly “SO.SI.SE.SA.”, was founded on November 15, 1996, when a group of experts in economics, sociology, politics, social assistance, IT and law,  jhave united their  forces, determined to change people’s perspective on humanitarian action. By definition, humanitarian actions are a special kind of inter-human relationships, in which the partners are equal. Each party assumes a role, and the goal is always to improve the situation of both participants: beneficiaries improve the difficult situation they previously experienced before the humanitarian action, and the authors gain the satisfaction of the good that helped the lives of a human being. In general, the perspective on which humanitarian actions in Romania are based on is largely wrong. The principle governing this case seems to be the local and occasional satisfaction of stringent food, clothing or, rarely, living needs. The authors feel like small Gods, and the beneficiaries turn the “crumbs” received occasionally into their normal living.

“SO.SI.SE.SA.” Foundation, through its members, has set out to change this perspective! Humanitarian action must be a sustained and long-lasting, multidimensional program that must have as its goal the real change in living standards, lifestyle and value system for a socially disadvantaged groups.