Social Humanitarian Caravan


The Caravan Project “Together we change destinies!” aims to create a fast and efficient mechanism for supporting street people, regarding their location, as well as supporting families with many children in rural areas of Romania.


The project objectives are:
(1) The aid given through alimentary and non-alimentary products.
(2) The identification of people living on the streets and rehabilitate them.
Poverty will not be encouraged , and trough a perspective on long term, the targeted persons will be integrated in various projects that have as goal their social integration on the work labor in Romania.

Target group:

Disadvantaged persons , young and elder living on the streets , homeless that deal with difficulties which can lead to social exclusion.

Short description of the project:

Most people in our target group are not aware that as we speak there are night shelters (in every zone of Bucharest) to which they can address to receive medical help or shelter.
Starting from the idea that most people living on the streets do not own an identity act , our Foundation proposes the offering of a special card based on which the beneficiary shall be able to reach the support of our caravan and daily receive primary alimentary products – a sandwich, something to drink or a hot tea when the temperatures are getting low.
During the implementation of the project, our volunteer specialists, together with the experts working in specialized institutions who will join us as partners , will follow the inclusion of those persons in many programs of identification and directioning their problems to the specialized institutions to find a solution for each case. The objective is to get them off the streets and integrate them socially.


The caravan itself is a mobile car which has all the necessary equipment to support various non perisable products. For starters the caravan will assure the food for at least 150 people from the streets.


During the entire project, the Foundation will assure transparency for the realization of the implementation.
Also it will initiate campaigns into informing people through flyers and local press, but also online, which shall be able to familiarize the entire public with the objectives of the project.


The project has started in 2016 and will continue non –determinately.
The amount added to the project is the mobility factor. So.Si.Se.Sa gets involved where other organizations or other institutions cannot reach.

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