I want to go to school!

One step before the start of the school year, we plan to launch “I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL” Campaign, a campaign which is meant to prevent school dropout because of the poor financial situation of the family.

The campaign takes place between 20 of August- 15 of September,

Choose to get involved!

Choose to donate a school bag, or stuff which can be used at school, or the amount equal to any of those, to offer access to education for a child. Choose to stop the drop out of the school year and change into good the future of a child.
Through the campaign I want to go to school, we proposed to catch the attention on the children that want to fully enjoy their right to education.
The donations are collected at the address of the So.Si.Se.Sa Foundation , H.M Berthelot Street , no 46, zone 1 , Monday-Friday between 09-17 .
For money amounts you shall access the website : https://www.sosisesa.ro/implica-te/persoane-fizice/

The Campaign Management

During the week before the start of school year , our team together with the volunteers , partners and collaborators, will make everything possible to share schoolbags and school tools in many zones of the country.
Be close to them in this important step in life ! Step by Step offers a succesfull career ! By giving them support now to go to school, tomorrow they can be your employees!

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