If You care, then things will get better. We need you so that all the children will have a better future.

Join us..Because only Together we can change Destinies!

How much does 2% mean to you?
Here’s what you can do:

If you are an employee, you can redirect 2% from your income tax to our projects. That’s how you can properly contribute to distribute the public money, with no modificiation in your budget. This tax does not represent a sponsorship or a donation, but that part of the state budget which you can redirectionate to a cause chosen by you, such as : a foundation, an association, or a non-profit organization. The only thing you need to do is take a small amount from your time to fill in a form in two copies. One will be deposited to the Financial Administration you belong to, and the second remains in your possession.

Step 1: Download the form below which is already filled in with our data. This form is called Declaration 230 and shall be filled in only by the persons whose incomes are salaries. The 230 form can be downloaded from HERE If you would like to fill in the form directly at the Financial Administration, or download it from ANAF site, you will have to fill in with our data: Non-profit organisation’s name - Cultural Humanitarian Foundation SO.SI.SE.SA. Fiscal identification code - 10837549 Bank Account(IBAN) RO17RNCB0086004773470001(RON)

Step 2: After you have downloaded the form, you need to fill it in with your data, in the section dedicated to the contributor.

Pasul 3: Sign the document and send the form you have filled in to the Financial Administration you belong to, until the 25th of May 2022.

Atention: From this year on, the 230 form , through which the salariates redirect 2% from their income tax, needs to be personally deposited to ANAF, by post or online.

By Post: If you do not have time to go yourself to the ANAF you belong to, you can send this form by post, but be careful, the envelope you send needs to be sent with confirmation of receival. The cost perceived by Romanian post at this moment for an internal corespondance with receival confirmation for 20 g/envelope is of 6.30 lei.

If you don’t know the adress of the ANAF you belong to, here you can find a link which you may access: ANAF Address

On-line: If you already have the digital signature on the ANAF site, you may fill in the declaration online with the Cultural Humanitarian So.Si.Se.Sa Foundation data. If you do not have a digital signature , you can create a username on the ANAF site.

Note: If you belong to one of the ANAF from Bucharest or any other region, you may ask through e-mail (office@sosisesa.ro) an authorization request, and so, one of our representants will go and deposit the declaration for you.

How you may help even more?

If you want to support us, you may talk your friends into this form, or share it on your Facebook Page, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + or any other socialization network.

Anually you can choose to transform 2 % of your income tax in 100 % implication in So.Si.Se.Sa Foundation’s actions. You can do it until the 25th of May 2022, if in 2021 you had salary incomes.

Together we change destinies !

Sustain any program of SO.SI.SE.SA Foundation which may catch your interest.
LEI.        Cod IBAN. RO17 RNCB   0086 0047 7347 0001
U.S.D.    Cod IBAN. RO60 RNCB   0086 0047 7347 0003
EURO.    Cod IBAN. RO87 RNCB    0086 0047 7347 0002

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