Social camps of art and creation

In the poorly developed areas of the country, especially rural ones, children and young people face severe material problems, which prevents them from harmoniously developing their personality and enjoying the privileges of their age.

Why Art Camps?

Art it’s the best expressing way through which we can detach from our daily life’s problems. This is the reason itself for which we chose to create this camp with artistic thematic.

The purpose and objectives of the Project

The proposed workshops during this camp want to reach personal, social and cognitive development of the children, to promote communication and self-affirmation, development and exercise of the emphatic capacities.
Our main goal is to offer children with reduced financial resources ,the possibility to encourage their artistic sense, to develop their artistic potential, and open new horizons and perspectives.

The target group

During the art camp, there are involved every year, a number of 200 children, coming from placement centers and families with serious social problems, aged between 8 and 18 years.

Why them?

We set the goal to organize annual trips, as beautiful as we can, for the children with lacks in material support, for the children that love theatre, and have worked hard during the scholar year, fact that can be seen through their results achieved in competitions and theatre festivals they were a part of. They impress the public and the jury, and the most important thing , is the fact that no one knows that they practice in the school library, a small place, which has a big heart instead.
We would like to create the decoration for the show and make the entire exposition which will take place at the ending of the art camp. The participants will make paintings, sculptures, will learn to use recyclable materials to create various art objects. If time allows us we will teach them Origami, balloon modeling and face-painting.

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